“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney. 


This about me section wouldn’t be appropriate for me without a disney quote. Here are 30 random facts about me:

1. I relate to April Ludgate so much more than people know.

2. I have been married to Patric since I was 20 and constantly get asked “you got married when? why??????” it’s because it was my life goal to be able to say at my 10 year high school reunion “look what I got!!!!” okay????? Of course kidding, I plan on skipping the reunion.

3. I love Kansas City.

4. I would rather watch a disney movie over any type of ‘age appropriate’ movie any where, any time.

5. Swimming is my favorite thing to do. When friends ask me if I want to “lay out” I do it for 5 minutes, get too hot anyway and swim the whole time like a fish.

6. I have two cats  children rather: Georgina & Yzma. (Yes you read Yzma right, like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove).

7. I am a terrible public speaker.

8. I have one older sister (expect to see her in a lot of pictures, she’s pretty cool). And of course two parents, they are pretty cool as well.

9. I grew up in south western Kansas in the middle of nowhere and nothing.

10. If you can make me laugh chances are I will want to be your friend.

11. In high school, I used to edit the CRAP out of my facebook pictures with Picnic, who else remembers that horrid photo editor??? I also had super thin and squiggly eyebrows. Dark times.

12. I used to do photography for my job and I loved it. I did senior, family, engagement sessions, then I did a few weddings and it stressed me out so bad that I still have a hard time picking up the camera 4 years later, when I was constantly taking pictures of everything. I think I have decided to start it back up for a hobby and will include some pictures on here every once in a while.

13. I am a trained coffee snob.

14. I have a huge obsession with Brigitte Bardot.

15. I do not cook and really have no interest in learning.

16. I have a business and bible degree from a tiny college of 200 students, and sometimes I am not really sure why I went to college. I guess it will be good if I need a four year degree down the road??

17. ALSO, your girl is a licensed esthetician.

18. I love makeup…obviously.

19. I have a really hard time sticking to a ‘natural look’. When there are so many options to go with, you must play.

20. I love green & white tea.

21. Expect to see a lot of inspiration from the makeup artist Linda Hallberg, she is my favorite makeup artist.

22. I love almost any type of music, except for country.

23. I hate wearing pants.

24. The things I like learning about have to do with art: singing, dancing, music, painting, drawing, acting, fashion, design, you name it, I am here for it; if it has to do with math or science my brain just wanders.

25. I would love to travel to Spain.

26. My perfect day would involve swimming, horseback riding, getting pampered and glammed up and going out and sipping on sangria & pigging out on ice cream.

27. What I want to do down the road with makeup is fashion shows/editorial photo shoots.

28. We do not have kids yet and I am not sure if I want to be a mom….to humans, animals are okay though.

29. Friends is the best t.v. show, I don’t care who you are.

30. Most importantly, the Lord is my Savior.