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5 makeup products I use daily

Hi all! Today I am going to talk about my daily routine makeup products that I absolutely feel like I have to use if I decide to wear makeup for the day, cause let’s be real, today I planned on doing a look…however, I have the most lovely cold sore ever.

Oh a fun little side note also, pretty sure my laptop is toast, so here I am at my public library 🙂

1.) (Okay I have probably talked about this product multiple times, however it’s been a while since I have been consistent with posts, so here’s me jumping back into it.)

Complexion Rescue by Bare Minerals. This stuff is amazing cause it has a few benefits to it other than just being a primer. It’s a primer, provides hydration for the skin, and has an SPF 30. It provides a nice tint of color as well so you can also use it as a sheer to light foundation. I started wearing this stuff last December when my skin was super dry even though I was keeping up with all my skincare. I started wearing this and I finally felt hydrated again!

2.) Another Bare Minerals item: Bare Pro Liquid Foundation.

Okay. This is my favorite foundation I have ever tried and yes I used to say that about the other version of this, the compact. BUT OH MY GOSH. This stuff just gives you a perfect glow, actually looks full coverage but not cakey, and is also lightweight. I recommend also getting the brush that is built for it, it is dense and angled perfectly to help blend in weird areas like around the nose and does a beautiful job at blending.

Anyways back to the foundation, I have noticed that I have gotten a lot more complements on how my skin looks with this foundation, so uh, I would consider that a plus! I have heard some people say it does not feel like it dries when they put it on, I guess I agree, but it doesn’t matter to me much because I go over it with setting powder and a different brush. Which brings us to number 3!

3.) Coty Airpsun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Face Powder

 I have seen this stuff everywhere and have heard nothing but good things. There is also a crap ton of product you get as well. You get 2.3 oz! The kind I was using before was .28 oz for $6 (which is still not a bad price, but you get way more product for just a dollar more!). I actually was looking for the ELF brand but it was not in the Walgreens I was at, I stumbled upon Coty and was so excited that I found it!

This helps with blurring imperfections and evens out the skin tone very nicely but is light weight. It also sets the makeup beautifully. This will probably be something that I always purchase for my setting powder.

4.) Loreal Paris Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

Okay currently I am using about 7 different mascaras (dont judge! some I have been given!). And I still reach for my trusty ol Loreal Mascara.

It just does a really nice job at not clumping and actually providing volume, I cannot say the same for some of the other mascaras I have been trying out recently. I feel like there does not need to much for a mascara to be amazing, as long as it makes my lashes longer and doesn’t clump, I am happy, the clumping is what a lot of mascaras claim not to do but do anyway.

5.) Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before as well, but as time has passed, it has proved to be the real mvp, it really does not take much at all, i barely have to dip my brush in and that’s about all I need for application. I love the color I got as well: Mellow Wine.

So if you guys have been on the fence on any of these products, I say do it, they are all amazing products! I realize different products work for different people as well, so if you have any suggestions or comments I would love to hear them!

Hopefully next time I post on here my cold sore will be gone and I’ll have a look for you guys! I have a look in mind that I have been wanting to do for a while! Til next time!


xoxo- Paige


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