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The look that kept on going

Hello everyone! I hope your Sunday is fantastic and you’re able to relax and recharge for the week! I have been MIA a lot more than I have wanted to be on here, a few things have uh…*changed* for me this summer but now things have settled a little more for me and I feel like I finally have the energy and motivation to create things again, so yay for that!

Enough rambling, let’s dive in, shall we? I am ready to get back into crazy and fun looks on the regs! It is my favorite…ugh, I rambled again! Okay, getting into it now:

So I created this look a week ago, having no clue what I was going to do. Sometimes those looks end up being my favorite cause you can say “yeah I did that! I didn’t even need an inspiration for  it, I’m awesome!” I guess I did know that I want to play around with the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette on top of a dark color because ummm have you seen how the color transforms over a dark color? Allow me to show you:

kat von d swatch

(Photo is not mine, it is from the handy dandy Pinterest website)

As you can see, the original color is in the middle, but look at the right side of the picture. Especially the black under the Saphyre color, holy crap, that is like my favorite color ever.

As you will see in a second, this wasn’t the main focus of my look, in fact you could miss this detail if you’re just glancing at the photo for a second, but it’s what I wanted to start with and I just started building from there.

Products used:


Tinted Moisturizer: Complexion Rescue – Bare Minerals

Foundation: Bare Pro – Bare Minerals

Concealer: Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment – Maybelline

Highlight: Santorini Sunset – Pixi by Petra

Blush: Mellow Wine – Wet N’ Wild

Bronzer: Butter Bronzer – Physcian’s Formula

Setting Powder: Translucent – Elf HD Powder


Eyes: (Alright this might be a little confusing cause I am going in the order I went which was kind of random, sorry peeps!)

Eye Primer: Eyeshadow Base -White- NYX

Base: From the Modern Renaissance Palette – Anastasia Beverly Hills (Tempera) was lightly dusted with a fluffy brush all over the lid acting as another primer, smoothing out the lid. (This also helps shadows stand out and blend better)

Eyeliner: AS ALWAYS: Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Blackest Black –  Maybelline

So I wanted that blue tint over my eyeliner so this is where the Kat Von D Pallete comes in. I wet a small dense brush and dipped back and forth in between the Saphyre and Ultra Violet and just lightly brushed that over my liner. Be a little careful with the because I found that some of my liner rubbed off while applying the eyeshadow on top, this was an easy fix, but still annoying though.

So after I did that I was kind of underwhelmed, I wanted it to be super extra, and it just seemed like….a tad 12% edgy to me, I wanted to take it further, in comes my favorite palette ever. Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Picture for reference:

wordswag_1501441895705.pngI began lining my water line with #2 (Raw Sienna) (I always like to use this color to build up literally any color, it’s just such a good base).

I went over that with #3 (Burnt Orange) to give it a warmer orangey vibe to the very edge.

And wouldn’t you guess it, I layered 3 more colors on top of that starting with # 4 (Red Ochre), then #5 (Venitian Red), and lastly #6 (Love Letter). Make sure you are blending each color you put on so it does not appear muddy. So this was all just on my waterline and at this point I considered just washing it off cause I wasn’t too crazy about it. However I proceeded. I brought all of the colors I used on my waterline and applied it to the very inner corner of my eyes.

I then dragged those colors into my crease and dragged it out making a cut crease. The brushes you will want to use for this part is a nice small dense brush for applying the color and then a smaller fluffy brush so you don’t transfer too much color out of the crease, leaving negative space in between the shadow and black liner.

# 7 (Vermeer) was used right under the brow for a highlight.

These are the type of brushes I would recommend for the cut crease just so you can get a feel for the size of the bristles and what not:)

Small dense brush for applying color1825_900px_100011

Small fluffy brush for blending n-MAKEUP-BRUSH-large570



Waterline: I used ColorIcon Eye Liner in White – Wet N’ Wild to make the eyes appear larger.

Mascara: Total Tease in Very Black – Covergirl

Glitter Liner (In crease): Midnight Cowboy – Urban Decay

Falsies: Demi Wispies – Ardell

And finally lips! Matte Lip: Gen Nude in Boss – Bare Minerals

Oh and finishing spray 😉 Photo Focus Setting Spray – Wet N Wild.


Have a great week! And I plan to come back on here very soon!;) Stay tuned!

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