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Neon Liner How-to

Hello everyone and welcome! Man! It has been way too long for me not to do a look on here so I am excited to be back and share with you guys.

Little update if interested lol:

I got a little busy with life, I am taking a new full time job at Amazon woo-hoo! My phone has been acting crazy so I have been trying to take care of the repair process which means I am without a phone for a few days (the other way cost $200 and I just dont feel like spending that much when I can do most of my stuff on my Kindle), and also I am just not the best at time management. I actually was supposed to work yesterday but a co-worker asked to take my shift like a little angel so I got the stuff done that I needed to get done and then I said “hey I need to do something for the blog today!” so it was just perfect how it worked out:)

This is just your every day, ya know, 10 minute at tops, natural look, um kidding, this may have been my hardest makeup look for me yet, mostly because of precision and working in contrast with the dark and light colors. I believe it took me an hour alone just to do the eyes. So let’s get started: (Side note this tutorial will be a little different, I won’t have my pictures with the numbers on it, something my phone could do and my kindle cannot 😦 ugh technology) also this will just be a tutorial for the eye look, if you have any questions about anything else I used, feel free to ask!

  1. For the first color I used (the magenta color) I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette in Love Letter and I used that color to outline where all the eye shadow would be. Pat on the color with a dense brush and blend with a fluffy brush a few times so it is blended.
  2. For the second color I used (the dark eye shadow color) from the new Bare Minerals The Bare Naturals Palette I used Blackout. Same concept as the first color, you will just pat on and blend, making sure you do not go past the magenta color so you can have the vibrant outline. ******Note about colors 1 & 2, they are both matte finishes and do not have shimmer to them at all, I wanted them matte because shimmer would add too much, and it’s already a lot going on if ya ask me)
  3. For the inner corner color (the crazy glowing blue madness) I used Kat Von D Alchemist Palette and I used the blue color first and just put a little of the ultra violet color on top. I actually used my finger for this step, no brushes, so it would go on crazy pigmented and the finger is the perfect size for your inner corner. Just pat with your finger a few times and viola! Your inner corners of the eyes look magical!
  4. Here’s where it got hard for me the process of starting the neon. You want a small dense brush for this step because if this color looks too thick, it is just kind of like—-what are ya doin?? (Best way I could describe it right now) So I used NYX Single Prismatic in Mermaid (the light blue color you can see for my neon liner). Obviously putting a light eyeshadow on top of a dark eyeshadow doesn’t have much effect, but it’s for a good outliner for the white we are going to use.
  5. Use a white eyeliner. (I would highly recommend against using what I used, I actually went on about how much I hated it in my last post cause it’s terrible and for this look it was so hard to control I think that’s why it took so long to do this look, but it is also all I had for a white liner at the moment). I used NYX White Gel Liner and a tiny tiny tiny pointed dense brush. Go along the blue eyeshadow.
  6. Blend with a small fluffy brush (this part looked like a hot mess, the white was getting all over my lid, but the nice thing was the touch up was so easy to cover up, I just took a small flat brush with the dark color and pat it on on top of the mess and it’s like it never happened).
  7. Go over again with the blue color. I actually wet my brush this time so it would show up really well and of course it was showing much better also cause it was on top of white rather than black.
  8. Go over again with the white.
  9. Go over again with the blue.
  10. Clean up any messes with the surrounding dark color.
  11. I added glitter above the neon liner using Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy (a step I would probably skip looking back on it, I think the liner by itself is enough of a statement and the glitter for me at least kind of took away, but oh well, live and learn:) ).
  12. Add mascara and falsies and an hour and a half later, you’re there! 🙂

I’d like to say my inspiration was something cool like one of my fav songs Electric Feel by MGMT orrr Electric Love by Borns, but nope, I was just inspired by the beautiful babes from Pinterest and Instagram that were slaying the neon liner game! Y’all are so awesome and I love seeing so many different, fun and creative makeup looks!

Til next time (which will NOT take as long as last time) Cheers!

-xo Paige

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