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Reviews on my favorite and not so favorite products

Hey everyone! I hope your Wednesday is going great. Mine has been long and cloudy and just blah, so today I’m doing reviews of products I love and products I don’t love so much.

Let’s get the baddies out of the way:

*NYX Gel liner & smudged in White.

This liner is just….. ah…I love NYX, but this did not cut it for me. The formula isn’t very smooth and it doesn’t last long at all on the waterline. I feel like when in was applying it, it just didn’t glide on like other gel liners usually do.

*Elf baked highlighter in Moonlight Pearls.

I’ve used this highlighter in some previous posts, but I probably will not be purchasing this again. When I use it, I usually have to use another highlighter with it. I saw online that people were scraping off the top layer and that helps quite a bit help the highlighter, and it does….but compared to other highlighters, it still falls flat for me.

*Mac Matte Lipstick

When I first started buying this type of lipstick I really liked it. As I have ventured out in lipsticks, it has kind of slid down the lipstick scale for me. I think it looks nice, but the feeling of it drives me nuts. It feels waxy to me and for $20, I want to love it but I just don’t. It’s not absolutely terrible, but there are a lot of better lip products out there and there is another $20 lipstick (that ill talk about later) that I would 100% recommend.

*Benefit they’re real! Gel eyeliner pen

Okay, I can probably say out of all the products I’m giving a not so good review on, this one is the one I hate the most. It is terrible, I don’t know why I ever tried straying away from my beloved ride or die liner from Maybelline because that liner never fails me. I hate the pen concept, it kept breaking off when I was trying to apply it, even though I wasn’t pressing that hard. I also felt like I couldn’t make a sharp wing with it. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to this type of liner, but there wasn’t really any good qualities about it to me.

Products I love:

*Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Lip

Oh my goodness. This has become one of my favorite lip products ever. It goes on with an applicator like for a gloss, but it is a matte lipstick. It has Shea butter in it so instead of drying out and cracking your lips throughout the day, it adds moisture. It also has a nice subtle vanilla scent to it which is a nice bonus because I hate the actual smell of lipstick. It has a primer built in it so it lasts longer than your traditional lipstick. I have the shades: Slay, Icon, Boss, Scandal, and Weekend and love them all.

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Okay I know, I know. I feel like every makeup guru talks about this palette,but it’s for good reason and the hype is well deserved. Goodness. When I first used this palette, I was shook. I was so impressed with the formula. It applies very pigmented and blends gorgeously. I also love the color selection. Only thing in would change is the outside not being velvet because it looks pretty dingy pretty fast, but that’s not a huge issue.

*Wet N’ Wild gel lip liner

Okay I’ve already talked about this product before but people, it’s 2.99 and it’s by far been the best lip liner in have used. It applies easy and lasts a long time.

*NYX Prismatic Shadows:

These babies are super pigmented and $6. I love it when bomb shadows don’t have to cost an arm and a leg and these are a great example if you are wanting a pretty, dramatic, shimmery, iridescent finish.
Have a great rest of your week lovelies!!

-xo Paige

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