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Simple Party Mermaid Makeup

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Welllll, has it been a day and not really my day either. I was going to start out doing a look inspired by a song which was my husband’s suggestion but I could not come up with a look to save my life and then the looks I came up with I just did not love…at all. Maybe in the near future I will come up with a look I love for it, but my other 2 attempts for it today just made me mad to be honest. You can’t really force yourself to be inspired by something so maybe that song isn’t for me. On top of that, my phone and camera just did not want to cooperate today I was so over it, for this look I didn’t even put on lashes cause that’s how annoyed I got….but trust me, I like how this look turned out! I just got exhausted of putting makeup on me for the third time in a row.

I guess you could say the colors blue, purple and pink inspired me, I always love gemstone colors and it is what I lean towards most of the time for vibrant colors. I just kind of whipped this out today and it is the exact opposite of the vibe I was meaning to do, I would say this look is much more upbeat and fun and perfect for parties or ya know, just being extra.


This look was easier than I thought it would be, for the eyes all you have to do is:

1.) Map out your liner with whatever eyeliner brush you are comfortable with with a gel or loose shadow mixed with water (the reason why I mix it with water is because it goes on with more pigment and it also acts like a liquid eye liner.  Product used in this: Ashley Nelson Studios Loose Mineral Eye Shadow in: Peacock.

2.) Get a teeny tiny brush dip it in Glitter Primer, apply the primer over your wing in a thin layer and also leave some of the product on the brush so it can pick up the glitter. Product used: NYX Glitter Primer

3.) Dip that brush in whatever glitter you are using (honestly I cannot remember where I got my glitter, I have had it for so long! but I am pretty sure NYX has glitter 🙂 ).

I focused most of the glitter being that royal blue, I also dipped it into a magenta glitter and a turqoiuse blue glitter and lightly applied it over the royal blue to give it more dimension/party vibe :).

4.) Apply the glitter on top of where you have your wing and voila! You have a glitter wing!!

This can also be done with liquid glitter liner as well, but i wanted my whole wing to be super condense. Just make sure you are doing your eyes before your face makeup because there will be glitter fall out. That way you can wipe away the glitter without messing up your foundation:)

And yes, You are seeing some of the Kat Von D on the lower lash line as well. Eeeek! So happy!!


As you can see I have a lighter lip here below, I wanted it to mainly be bold eyes and light lips, but in the other pictures I had to put on a dark lip, it’s becoming a part of my nature. Lip color I am wearing is Bare Minerals Liquid Matte in: Scandal.



So there you go, sort of a party mermaid look if you will:) Hope you enjoyed this post and your day! Have a great rest of your week! Cheers!

-xo Paige


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