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Why I deleted my review for Lipsense.

Good morning everyone and happy friday!

I am doing this post because of what I posted last night which was a Lipsense review which I have now deleted because it has come to my attention that one of the major cons I wrote about for Lipsense was when you applied the product onto your lips it had a burning sensation. I asked around a little bit why that was and people would say it was an exfoliation process and I just kind of left it alone after I got that answer.

BUT there is a more serious reason why it burns when you apply this product that I was not aware of. The ingredient is Ultramarines- a color additive not safe for lipsticks because it can be easily absorbed being too close to the mucous membranes. This ingredient is also found in bug spray and floor cleaner. And also not FDA approved. This changes things for me and as an esthetician I feel like I should recommend safer products for you to use. I apologize for not researching this product more before. With makeup, I tend to get really excited to use a product before researching the product a little more and I will try to be more cautious of what I am recommending to everyone.

Even though I had some factors to why I didn’t love Lipsense, my review was still pretty supportive of the product (rating it 8/10) which is why I deleted the whole thing. My review was honest, but now that I have this knowledge, I will be honest with you again. I would not recommend this product anymore, stick to cheaper & safer alternatives lovelies!

In other news, my sweet mother and sister in law got me the freaking KAT VON D ALCHEMIST HOLOGRAPHIC PALETTE so you know I will be breaking out a look with that real soon, I am so excited.

2 thoughts on “Why I deleted my review for Lipsense.

  1. No problem! I know, I was kind of iffy even trying it thinking “what kind of chemical makes it so permanent?” but I still used it, but then I saw that information and was like ABORT ABORT, nevermind on the Lipsense!


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