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Kylie Jenner Look

Hello Lovelies! I hope your Monday has been fantastic!  I have been itching to do another celebrity inspired look and I could not decide between my favorite makeup icon or everyone else’s favorite makeup icon. Mine being Brigitte Bardot and everyone else’s: Kylie Jenner. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Kylie makeup she’s actually probably my second favorite right after Brigitte, but I just love how chic Brigitte Bardot always looked in her modeling days, she has a style that I am just obsessed with but do not worry, I will also be doing a look inspired by Brigitte Bardot in the near future, but I gave the people of twitter/snapchat/instagram a choice and they wanted Kylie, so here is Kylie’s look!

Now I am going to break down Kylie’s makeup for you cause when you actually look at her every day makeup, it is pretty simple and doable. Everything is just amazingly blended and well done. There’s no crazy liner tricks or a million different eye shadow colors.

*Her brows are always clean/not too overdone.

*Her eyeshadow is usually a soft brown smokey eye, always lining the bottom with a medium brown eye shadow.

*Some mascara (and sometimes falsies) thrown on, mascara also applied to the bottom lashes.

*She has nice contour/highlight action going on.

*And of course the final point of her look is her lips…which, she has admitted to injecting, so that part is a little hard to copy without looking like that annoying girl on youtube. (Just a wee bit of over lining on the lips which I will also go over later.)

I did receive the new Morphe palette 35R this past week. Ahhhhhh! This is my first Morphe item I have owned so I couldn’t wait to play. If you know me, you know I love gold. Kylie doesn’t always wear gold so I found a photo shoot she was in for my inspiration cause I had to mix the Morphe and Kylie look together cause I am too impatient lol…. I was going to go for her softer everyday look, which really just means not including the gold in the eyeshadow area, so it’s really not that different.



More pictures at the bottom of the post but I will show you the products used for this look! Also my lips always appear pinker in photos! Need to buy a more nude lip lol oh whale! I’m not trying to copy the picture exactly.


We are starting with the eye shadow today because that is always what I do first in case there is crazy fall out from the shadows, then I can just wipe it away without ruining the face makeup! Work smarter, not harder:)

Eye Shadow: Morphe Palette 35R.

*With a fluffy eye shadow brush, 1 was applied all over the whole lid and under the brow and inner corner of the eye to work as a primer/even out the color of the lid.

*With the same brush, 2 was applied under the brow and in the inner corners for a brighter highlight.

*With the same brush, 3 was applied right on top of 2 to give more of a champagne finish for my highlight .

*With a smudge brush, 4 was applied the to lower lid and slightly above the crease/extending past the outer corner of my eyes just a little bit. I also connected this color to the bottom lash line. Annnnd blend blend blend with a fluffy brush.

*With a smudge brush, 5 was applied into the crease. Blend with a fluffy brush.

*With a smudge brush, 6 is applied to the entire lower lid. I like to blend this part just a little bit with a fluffy brush, not too much so the gold doesn’t fade, but just enough so it all blends together.


Liner: Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black

Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black

Falsies: Ardell Demi Wispies

Brows: Ashley Nelson Studios Brow Gel in Pamela


Tinted Moisturizer: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Foundation: Bare Minerals Bare Pro

Highlight: Pixi by Petra + Aspyn Ovard in Santorni Sunset

Contour: Physician’s Formula in Butter Bronze: Bronzer

Blush: Tarte in Paaarty

Finishing Powder: ELF High Def in Sheer


Lip liner: Wet N’ Wild in Never Petal Down

Lip Color: Bare Minerals Matte Liquid Color in: Weekend


For lining the lips: Lol okay so you want to line all of your lips, right? To take if further, line just a little bit outside of the middle of your lips, no where else or it will be a dead giveaway. I did the top and bottom, but looking back…3 hours ago lol, I kind of wish I would have just overlined the bottom and not the top. I chose angles where it still looked fine, but I am not sure I would keep it that way for going out in public.




I just love Kylie’s makeup and will most likely do probably +10 other looks inspired by her. She’s not today’s makeup icon for nothing!:)

Yay for @KingKylie!!! f8d5c639-72b9-486b-96f0-71a9edc6c3c2.gif

Til next time! Cheers!
-xo Paige

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