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False Lashes Tutorial

Hello lovelies! Today I am doing a tutorial on how to put on falsies! Hopefully this will be fairly easy to follow through pictures/words cause I do not have a fancy shmancy video camera:)

What you will need:

Lash Glue –I definitely recommend the lash glue used in the pictures: Duo Dark Tone.


Eyelash curler (optional)

and of course:

Lashes. Ardell is my favorite

*I like to start with a light layer of mascara. Make sure not to go too heavy with mascara, that can tend to make your false lashes look SUPER false and we want our false lashes to not look..false?…right? moving on.

*Without glue, take the band and put it on top of your lashes to measure if you need to cut the length at all, if the band is too wide for your eye it is super noticeable.

*Apply glue to the band of your lashes, I dip the ends (of the band) into the glue a few times so the ends will not lift and be a dead giveaway they are in fact, false.


The little grey blob is glue, that’s about all you need! and dip away!

DSC_5498*Everyone says this on false lash tutorials and it’s for a reason: Let the glue dry 30-60 seconds so it will get tacky and be much easier to apply. If you apply the lashes right after putting glue on, it will be messy and it will not stick as well…it also has a much bigger possibility of ruining your eye makeup. Take this from my own experiences. Seriously.

*Awkward picture for reference, this picture was definitely not me actually applying, I am faking it shhhhh*


Look at that determination.

*Apply the band to the center of the eye first. Keep holding your tweezers and forcing the band into the fold that goes over the lashes. AKA trying to get the band as close as possible to the roots of your lashes. Now focus on applying the ends of the band. I have a picture below for guidance in the order I apply it!


That is the basic tutorial for applying false lashes. Now if you want some extra tips, keep reading! This will take your falsie game up a level, making your lashes look more blended.

*Wearing black eyeliner is the best choice for camouflaging that band.

*After applying your lashes, holding your tweezers parallel to your eye so you don’t poke your eye out, squeeze together the band and those other peasant lashes, this will bring the band even further down which is what we want. Please Please Please be careful while doing this! Try not to be too close to your eyeball for this. I also suggest good lighting and a good mirror also, YOU CANNOT BE SLOPPY ON THIS PART. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS. I would show you another awkward staged photo of me doing this, but my camera is too big and knowing me, I do not trust myself being that coordinated. It is hard enough taking selfies with that thing!

*To blend the lashes together EVEN more use an eyelash curler. I just started doing this trick not too long ago and it has made a difference to me and people ask if the falsies are my real lashes or not. That is the end goal, to have someone ask if your lashes are real, it generally means you did a dang good job. Also make sure this is after you have pressed them together with the tweezers, if you want to skip the tweezers part, understandable, then just let them sit for a minute to dry.

*I also like to take the end of my tweezers handle (the rounded part) and run them through my lashes, this is so my natural lashes fan out and blend more with the other lashes. I will put a picture up for reference.

Fun fact: Apparently Audrey Hepburn’s makeup artist would take a sewing needle and run the needle between each lash to get that really separated effect. It’s like my way is a safer, saner approach. Another good option to separate the lashes is to take a clean spooly brush (mascara wand with no mascara on it) and do the same thing. DSC_5510

*And lastly I just swipe one tiny little baby light layer of mascara through focusing on my natural lashes.

Phew! It seems like a lot more steps typing this out. But I promise, it comes to be easier the more you practice 🙂


Here’s my eye, not in super yellow lighting. Lighting makes such a difference!

Til next time! have a great week! Cheers!

-xo Paige

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