Makeup Look Inspired by: The Beatles

Hello lovelies! On this grey and sluggish Monday I thought it would be appropriate to whip out this colorful sparkly look inspired by a song by The Beatles. I have always liked The Beatles, but they have been on my Spotify every day for the past 3 weeks, even my husband was like “wow, you’ve been digging The Beatles a lot lately”. Well it’s true and when I heard a certain line in the song I was like “makeup…………yes”. I will reveal the song at the very end of this post!! How exciting! 😉

Products used:


{Tinted Moisturizer: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue.

Foundation: Bare Minerals Bare Pro.

Highlight: Ashley Nelson Studios loose powder in Moon Dust. If you are unfamiliar with this brand it’s because she is a makeup artist here in Kansas City and she has her own awesome makeup line!!!

Bronzer: Bare Minerals Ready Bronze in Skinny Dip (product is now discontinued).

Setting Powder:  ELF Cosmetics High Definition Powder in Sheer.}


{Brows: Ashley Nelson Studios Brow Gel in Pamela.

Primer: NYX Glitter Primer.

Shadows: (Get ready) Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette — Colors used: Tempera, Gold Ochre, Vermeer, Primavera, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Realgar, and Love Letter. (This is when I am happy I invested in a palette instead of single shadows).

Ashely Nelson Studios: Mineral Eyez Eye Shimmer in Peacock—for green color.

NYX Prismatic Shadow in Savage —okay I love love love that name—-for blue color.

***If you are wanting to know how I did the eye shadow tutorial, I will have it posted at the very end!!

Liner: Maybelline EyeStudio in Blackest Black.

Glitter: Urban Decay Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy.

Lashes: Mascara: Loreal Paris Voluminous Carbon Black.

Falsies Top Lashes: Ardell Lashes in Demi Wispies.

Falsies Bottom Lashes: Ardell Duralash Individual Knotted Lashes in Short Black.

Gold Leaf: I have no clue what brand this is but I bought it at Hobby Lobby and it’s sold in sheets if that helps….lol….}


{Liner: Wet N’ Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner in Bare To Comment.

Lipstick: Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor: Scandal.

Gloss: Wet N’ Wild Lip Gloss in Bronze Berry.}

Here it is!!! Please note throughout taking the pictures I started with my hair down and less lip product, after looking through pictures I did a few tweaks PLUS moved around for some different lighting so I may have a few things different throughout these pictures 🙂




Here’s some of the products all showcased for ya on my bed:)


Eye Shadow Tutorial:

We start off with the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette.


1.) With a small fluffy brush focus on applying Tempera under the brow and in the inner corner. After done applying in those specific spots, drag the remaining color out on the whole lid (think of it as a primer).

2.) Apply Golden Ochre to the lower lid with a smudge brush and blend with a clean fluffy brush. (It never ever hurts to blend-blend-blend after each color/layer you apply, you can never over-blend).

3.) After that apply Vermeer on top of Golden Ochre with a clean smudge brush, keeping it in the lower lid to the very inner corners.

4.) Apply Primavera on top of that color, again with a clean smudge brush also keeping that in the lower lid to the very inner corners.

5.) Take a concentrated/dense bristled brush and apply Raw Sienna on the outer corner of the eye. Apply that color 3-4x blending in between each time with a clean fluffy brush (I know that seems like a lot of work buuuut if you want to look extra you gotta do extra). After you’ve gotten that color nice and built up on the outer corner, drag the color in the crease and blend-blend-blend. 

6.) Do the exact same thing with Burnt Orange on top.

7.) Take a small fluffy brush and do the same thing with Realgar. Blend until you can’t see any harsh lines.

Boom you have a nice warm orangey goldish smokey eye, that’s not enough for me though for this look well we are going to add Love Letter on the bottom lash line. I actually made my cat eye after the previous steps then focused on the shadows for the bottom lash line.

——– 8.) Apply Love Letter with a clean smudge brush following right under the cat eye. Once the color meets the very end of the cat eye, very lightly drag that color just a tiny bit past the tail of the cat eye (black liner). I kept this color under the liner to the middle of my eye.

9.) Apply Savage ( or any Mermaidy blue eye shadow color) to the same areas as Love Letter but keep Savage higher than Love Letter so you can see the Blue and Pink together. I also took Savage closer to the inner corner of the eye so the blue could stand out on its own apart from the blended area.

10.) Apply Peacock (or any rich green eye shadow color) in the inner corners of the eye and blend into the blue a little bit.

11.) If it it looking a little choppy, blend the colors together with a clean small fluffy brush.

12.) Take the Glitter Eye Liner and apply generously to the inner corners (please be careful to not get it in your eye!!!) and bring the glitter to the middle of the eyes.

13.) The Gold Leaf part is super easy. Rip it in whatever shape/however big you would like, dab some primer on it and apply it wherever desired. Sometimes it helps to apply with tweezers because the gold leaf will stick onto anything once you touch it, you think glitter is bad, try dealing with gold leaf….but it’s oh so worth it!

And voila! You are the girl with kaleidoscope eyes. This look was inspired by Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles. 



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