Winged Liner Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!

I think it is appropriate that my first tutorial post should be about eye liner. You will see that I love a good dramatic cat eye liner. I almost feel makeup-naked if I don’t have a cat eye. It changes up the look in such a fun and classic way and it is so much easier than most people think. The steps are simple, it does take a little practice but it is so worth it if you love a good wing!

The product is:

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama in Blackest Black.

And this liner is $7 AND lasts me a long time.

I have been using this for years (before I learned that it is also a favorite of Jaclyn Hill’s! Not gonna lie, I felt super cool when I heard her talking about how much she loved that liner and was like “oh my gosh! me too!!!”).  It is the easiest to apply in my opinion. Liquids are too out of control for me and pencils are more difficult to make a sharp wing. I have tried many different types of brands, but I always go back to this one. It is oil-free so it doesn’t budge. I can say I have worked out while wearing a dramatic wing and was so impressed that it didn’t smudge or move a bit even when I was covered in sweat. I actually use the brush that comes with it as well. The bristles are concentrated enough for me that I feel like I can achieve the sharpest liner possible.

If you are wanting to learn how to do dramatic wings I would always start out with a baby wing and you could always add onto it if it needs to be more….more lol. This applies for all makeup though: contouring, eye shadow, liner: It is much easier plus looks more natural to start out with a lighter/smaller application than to start out dramatic/heavy at first. You can always add onto it but apply it too dark at first and it can ruin your hard work prior to that.

So I am going to show you in: easy steps with pictures, and yes I know:

I need to wax my brows real bad, thanks amazing camera lens! ugh. 

1.) All you have to do for the first step is line your eyes, pretty simple right? Just follow your lash line with the liner and you are already more than halfway there!


2.) I like to make a little dash where the end is going to be (where my brush is in the picture) and draw a line down to connect to what I have already lined in step 1. A connect the dots lil’ game if you will  : ) DSC_4253

3.) For the next step, I made that connecting line thicker so it was a smoother line. I also like to go over the whole line with the brush again so it has more of an even finish, just be careful when you get to the tip of the wing so you don’t ruin your beautiful eye sword! that is the first time I used that term, kind of diggin’ it. DSC_4255

Tip: If you are having a hard time getting a sharp end, make sure your brush has the least amount of excess product on there as possible. Also this is where you need to be super light handed so you do not end up with a rounded edge instead. And lastly I like to make the tip come of the top of the wing. I really hope that makes sense! If not ask me about it and I will try to explain that part better!


Viola! Finished product with mascara and bottom liner. Now I am off to waxing the brows, those things are scaring me.

Let me know if you have any questions, or give me a holler to yell at me for my messy brows :  ) Until next time! Cheers!

-xo Paige

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